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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recruitment process like for prospective members?

Recruitment begins when applications are sent out before the start of each semester. Prior to our formal recruitment events, we will hold two interest meetings. These are not mandatory but are a great opportunity to learn about who we are as a fraternity and ask any other questions you may have. Potential new members (PNMs) are required to attend two recruitment events. PNMs may then be invited to continue the recruitment process at our invitational only event. Interviews are the final step in the process before acceptances are sent out. 

How much time will I need to commit?

PhiDE has chapter biweekly. We also have social, cultural, educational, and service events which are held on various evenings throughout the week. All member events are considered mandatory because it is our expectation that our members are engaged, involved, and want to be there. Members must attend at least 75% of all events and meetings each semester to remain in good standing within the fraternity.

What is the GPA requirement?

To be considered for membership, your GPA must be at or above 3.35. If you are a first-semester freshman, we will take the high school GPA. All other applicants should provide their college GPA. 

Are there opportunities for growth and leadership?

Yes! We love to see our members grow both personally and professionally with the help of the fraternity. While we have 5 executive officer positions and several chair positions that go along with each committee, every member is encouraged to be a leader by living out our motto and bringing new ideas to the fraternity. All members are part of a committee and are given various opportunities to contribute both within our organization and in the community though service projects. 

How can Phi Delta Epsilon help me as a premed?

As a fraternity, we pride ourselves on creating an inclusive environment where premeds can thrive. It is extremely important that we create and maintain a community of positivity, support, and collaboration for each other, especially as we all pursue the difficult journey of being pre-medical students. PhiDE is partnered with Kaplan, Brooks Brothers, and several other companies which our members can take advantage of. As a member, we will provide you with networking opportunities and other helpful insights to help you succeed as both a pre-med student and a future physician. 

How does PhiDE give back?

Given that one of our guiding principles is philanthropy, it is extremely important for us to give back. One of the ways we do this is through our partnership with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH). Every year we participate in Stand for the Kids, our international day of philanthropy where we stand to raise funds and awareness for (CMNH). We also host a variety of service and philanthropy events throughout the semester. 

As a PhiDE member, you’ll always have a chance to give back!

How can I get in touch?

Use the “Contact” tab here on our website to send us an email or go to our “Recruitment” tab to be added to our interest list. You can also DM us on Instagram @fsuphide with any questions!

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